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Website about grinding machines for metals. We present here the different types of grinders: surface grinders, tool grinders etc. We present their construction, parameters and equipment.

Tool Grinder JUNGNER US 450

Tool grinder JUNGNER US 450 (figure 1 and 2) was produce in 1992 by well-known Swedish company Jungner which was established in 1910 and become a leading manufacturer of tool grinding machines. Machines of this company are characterized by high quality, comfortable design and high performance. Our tool grinder is not the exception. It is destined for sharpening milling cutters, drills, knives, rollers and other tools. It is an extremely versatile machine used to perform a variety of grinding operations with surface, cylindrical, or complex shapes details.

Tool grinder Tacchella 4AM

The tool grinder Tacchella 4AM (figure 1) was manufactured in 1984 by Jotes firm. Tacchella Machine is an Italian manufacturer of tool sharpening machines, universal grinding machines, broaching machines and cylindrical grinding machines. They produce machines of very high quality for more than 80 years. Tacchella is one of the best in the world in his field of activity. The company has approximately 50 departments in the entire world.