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Drilling machines are machines used in any industrial establishment. Due to the high popularity of these machines, this page will be about drilling machines for metal and drilling-related topics. We present here the different types of drills, describe their structure and technical parameters.

Box column drilling machines comparison

Talking about box column drilling machines first of all we can notice that they are used for drilling, reaming and dredging. But those machines can do another operation such as milling, taping or boring. Drilling machines, especially box column drilling machines are used mainly is small-scale production but some modifications of those machines also uses in mass production. We have two box column drilling machines that were produced by different companies and have different technical parameters. We will have to compare these machines. Our first drilling machine is Stankoimport 2H135 (Figure 1 and 2).

Jig borers comparison

We know that drilling machines is used basically for drilling blind and through holes in solid material but they also used for boring, countersinking, reaming, tapping and cutting discs from sheet material. For operations like that we use drills, countersinks, reamers, taps and other tools. There are different types of these machines that perform different operations and functions. We have box column drilling machines, column drilling machines, radial drilling machines, bench drilling machines, tapping machines and jig borers. In this article we will talk about last one and will compare two machines produced by different producer.
Our machines to comparing are STANKOIMPORT 2B440A (Figure 1) and WMW BKOE 400×630 2PA (Figure 2). Both producers are well known and they make competitive machines. WMW BKOE is a popular Germany producer and STANKOIMPORT is an USSR (now Russian) producer which has great reputation in the world.