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Website about the different metalworking machines. We are talking about machines, on issues related to their technical condition and their application in industry. We describe here the machine for machining and sheet metal working machines.

Which eccentric press is better – presses comparison

Presses are used in different industries such as light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry and other kinds of metal working industry for such operations as pressing, punching, cutting, straightening, assembly and disassembly and a lot of other operations. Mainly all presses are divided into two groups: mechanical – eccentric presess and hydraulic presses. They in turn also are divided into some groups. In this article we will talk about mechanical presses, we will consider four different presses and will decide which one is better.

Which turret punching machine you need to buy

What is turret punching machine and what is it destination? It is a machine destined for punching holes in the workpieces with variable shapes, sizes and different intervals between the perforations as well as for cutting large round holes, square holes, oblong holes and holes with other shapes using different tools. This machine is suitable for industries connected with electronic measuring instruments, computers, electrical appliances and for other industries where appropriate small-scale production of various types of sheet metal. There are a lot of types of these machines, which differ from each other by technical parameters and equipment. But which machine will be the best to buy? In this article we will compare three turret punching machines of different manufacturers and with different features and will try to choose the best one.

Eccentric presses – slider

The operating principle of the eccentric press is to change the rotary motion into linear motion – reciprocating. The electric motor drives the flywheel and at the time of the clutch, flywheel power through the crankshaft is transmitted to the slider (here turns into rotary motion into linear motion). Reciprocating slider moves, and the tool cuts or is pressed Sheet Metal.