Which turret punching machine you need to buy

What is turret punching machine and what is it destination? It is a machine destined for punching holes in the workpieces with variable shapes, sizes and different intervals between the perforations as well as for cutting large round holes, square holes, oblong holes and holes with other shapes using different tools. This machine is suitable for industries connected with electronic measuring instruments, computers, electrical appliances and for other industries where appropriate small-scale production of various types of sheet metal. There are a lot of types of these machines, which differ from each other by technical parameters and equipment. But which machine will be the best to buy? In this article we will compare three turret punching machines of different manufacturers and with different features and will try to choose the best one.

Our first turret punching machine is FINN POWER F-6 (Foto 1). It was produced in 2000 by well-known Finnish manufacturer, which is one of the leading company in producing machines and systems for sheet metal processing. The second turret punching machine is AMADA VIPROS 358 KING II (Foto 2). It was manufactured one year earlier in 1999 by very famous Japanese company, which is one of the leading international manufacturers in the metal processing industry. The third and the last our machine is TRUMPF TRUPUNCH 2020 R (Foto 3), which is the newest among all these devices and was produced in 2007. TRUMPF is a Germany manufacturer and it also is very famous company and one of the leaders in metal processing industry. How you can see all our machines are represented by well-known companies, so we can say that our three turret punching machines are high quality, high precision and high-tech devices. But let consider the possibilities of these machines. Let start with one of the most important technical parameter such as maximum pressing force. This parameter is quite similar in all machines, FINN POWER F-6 has maximum force of pressure of 30 short tons, maximum pressing force of AMADA VIPROS 358 KING II is equal to 33 short tons and TRUMPF TRUPUNCH 2020 R has the smallest value of this parameter, which is equal just to 20 short tons. As for another very important thing such as maximum thickness of the processed sheet metal, it is different in every our machine. The smallest value of it has device of Japanese manufacturer, maximum thickness of the workpiece can be just 0.1345 inches. Turret punch press of Finnish company can process sheet metal with a little bigger thickness, which is equal to 0.314 inches. But TRUMPF TRUPUNCH 2020 R is the best in this case, because the maximum thickness of the processed sheet metal can reach up to 3 inches. Every our device is equipped with turret with tools in it. But the number of tools is different. Turret of FINN POWER F-6 can contain 20 tools, the capacity of TRUMPF‘s turret is almost the same and is equal to 19 tools but the turret of AMADA’s machine can contain up to 58 tools. Now consider traveling in X and Y axes. Maximum travel length in X and Y axes of Finnish punching machine is equal to 82 inches and 62 inches respectively. Length of X-axis movement is equal to 78 inches and length of Y-axis movement is equal to 50 inches of machine of Japanese manufacturer. Maximum length of travel in X and Y axes of Germany machine is equal to 100 inches and 50 inches respectively. At the end we consider such thing as equipment. All our punching machines are equipped with modern CNC control. FINN POWER F-6 is controlled by SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 D, AMADA VIPROS 358 KING II is equipped with CNC control FANUC 18 P and TRUMPF TRUPUNCH 2020 R is equipped with SIEMENS SINUMERIK control. But one of the devices, which has model F-6, has some additional equipment, which is represented by sheet metal loading system, sheet metal uploading system and such equipment as high precision laser. So, to conclude all above information, we can notice that every model of our turret punching machines is high quality device and every of them can be a great choice for you.

Finn power f6

Foto 1. Finn power F6



Trumpf trupunch 2020 R

Foto 3. Trumpf trupunch 2020 R