Tool Grinder JUNGNER US 450

Tool grinder JUNGNER US 450 (figure 1 and 2) was produce in 1992 by well-known Swedish company Jungner which was established in 1910 and become a leading manufacturer of tool grinding machines. Machines of this company are characterized by high quality, comfortable design and high performance. Our tool grinder is not the exception. It is destined for sharpening milling cutters, drills, knives, rollers and other tools. It is an extremely versatile machine used to perform a variety of grinding operations with surface, cylindrical, or complex shapes details.

Tool grinders JUNGNER US 450 can be used in all branches of the manufacturer as well as in other spheres of working where is necessary sharpening or grinding of different tools.   Sharpening of the tools is performed by the abrasive wheel placed in the spindle head with maximum diameter 5.906 inches, which rotates and makes reciprocating motion up and down at the required angle. Maximum length of the vertical movement of the spindle is 3.938 inches. Rotation of the spindle head with abrasive wheel is driven by the electric motor with power 1.5 KW. Working spindle allows rotation in both directions with speed range from 3500 up to 7000 rpm.  Additional to the movement of the wheel, working table, which has length 31.5 inches and width 4.484 inches with placed workpiece on it, perform the longitudinal and cross movement, which are equal to 17.719 inches and 11.813 inches respectively. This movement is controlled by hand wheels placed in the front of machine and by system of gears.  Tool grinding machines JUNGNER US 450 have very compact measurements and thanks that you will not have any problems with placing it in your workshop or in any place you need. Weight of the machine, which is only 2755 lb allows transporting it without high effort. For more comfortable and detailed working process grinding machines is equipped with lighting which has the power 12 V. Additional to it JUNGNER US 450 has also control panel with digital readout SONY that shows position of the axes. Machine is in a good condition and is ready to work in every moment.

Tool Grinder Jungner US 450
Figure 1. Tool Grinder Jungner US 450
Tool Grinder Jungner US 450
Figure 2. Tool Grinder Jungner US 450 – rear side
Tool Grinder Jungner US 450 - equipment
Figure 3. Tool Grinder Jungner US 450 – equipment