Machines – how to assess the condition of the machine ?

Where to start when buying a used machine? What to check to make sure that you buy a good machine? We know that the seller will always praised his machines, so as to make a good purchase?

1. First, let’s start by checking what the factory machine worked. Let’s find out whether the establishment is a stable company that makes sure all inspections, replacement of oils, filters, etc. We know that the consumption of one component often causes excessive wear to other parts.

2. We assess the overall look of the machine and the degree of care. Similarly to the first point, we have to see if cared about the machine. Is it clean, oil levels are correct. At first glance, you will see who is working on it. We assess whether the skilled person, or someone who blowing off steam the machine.
2.1 We assess the state of the paint. As the machine has the best paint factory. Then everything you see.
2.2 Check if there is no damage. Various kinds of cracks body can immediately exclude such a machine. Cast iron can not be a good weld. A sewing the body it does not guarantee that in the future everything will be fine.
2.3 We look at the machine and check the leak – locate their source.

Other mechanical damage such as machining area testify about any collisions, whose consequences can be very costly.

3. We assess and guide the machine bed. It suffices to look at and touch your toes to examine their condition. If the touch sense furrows – longitudinal lines it means that the guides are excessively worn. Assess whether the eyes were not obliterated – see where the guides irregular pitting. We compare the state of the guides in the places where most machine worked with places where you did not work – the geometry of the piles at both locations must be the same.

4. We assess the work of the main drive and the transmission speed and feed speed gearbox. The machine must work quietly. Nothing can grind and tap. We need to check all the gear.

5. After such an assessment, if everything seems to be in order proceed to a more detailed evaluation. Come here with the help of measuring instruments. Best just to execute some detail on the machine and measure its dimensions. After this check we will find out what the machine has a deviation from the default parameters.

Remember also to check the machine cold and after warming up to her. Various components will behave differently depending on the wear and temperature.