CNC Milling machines – body types

We have two main kinematic systems CNC routers. One of them is a type of Bed-Type Milling Machines, and the second is the knee type. Main parameter differs both types is load the table. Due to the construction of milling machines carry heavier loads Bed Type and thus are applied to the processing of heavier and larger overall dimensions of machined workpieces.

There are several types of Bed Type Milling Machines. The first is one in which the cross table runs on guides attached to the body and the head goes up and down. The second type is one in which runs lengthwise table, column runs laterally and the head up and down. The third is the one in which the table moves along, while the column head goes up and down and back and forth.

The knee milling cross table is placed on the screw, which raises it up or down leaves. Load capacity this table depends on the strength of screws and nuts vertical feed.