CNC lathes – Poreba TRP 63 MN

CNC lathes Poreba TRP MN is a flat bed lathe. A large turning diameter over bed 24,8in and large spindle diameter 3,5in provide high processing capabilities. Flat bed with large spacing guides, allows machining of workpieces machined with high weight. The lathes is manufactured in Eastern Central Europe in several variants turning length.

Comes standard with chip conveyor and hydraulically controlled chuck. Most mounted control for this model is the Siemens Sinumeric 810 D.

Techincal data for CNC lathe Poreba TRP MN with turning length 39,4 in.

Turning diameter over bed: 24.8 in
Turning diameter over cross slide: 15 in
Maximum travel length in the X-axis: 39.4 in
Maximum feed rate in X-axis 78.7 in/min
Diameter of the spindle bore 3.5 in
Tailstock quill diameter 3.9 in

CNC lathes Poreba trp 63 mn
CNC lathes Poreba TRP 63 MN